How to use Omnimo4 to Have Windows 8 tablet UI in windows 7

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We have all seen the Microsoft preview of the new Windows 8 UI, and today a Deviantart user just released Omnimo 4 for Rainmater that allows users to transform Windows Vista / Windows 7 to this new Windows 8 Tablet UI.
Omnimo will turn your desktop into a very functional and interactive work area, and giving you only the information you ask for through the tiles.

Follow these steps to install Omnimo 4 on Windows Vista / Windows 7-

1. First, install Rainmeter 2.0 or higher (necessary to run Omnimo). To run Aero Glass, NowPlaying and Twitter require Rainmeter 2.1 BETA. Download it here

2. Once Rainmeter is installed, you can now download Omnimo 4 here

3. To install everything automatically, just double click on the Setup.rmskin file.
After the installation, select your settings and, the theme and resolution to have the best layout. Even if your desktop resolution is not included, you can still move things around to your liking.


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