How to install Windows 8 from USB flash drive

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There are several ways to install Windows 8 build 7850, by writing the image file to a DVD or from a USB Flash Drive. Here are the steps from both methods:

First check System Requirements

  • 4GB removable USB flash drive
  • A Windows 8 ISO file Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Bootable USB Flash Drive Method

Step 1: Type diskpart at the Start menu search box.

Step 2: Run the list disk command to check status of your drive.

Step 3: Select disk 1, “1” is the corresponding number of your USB drive.

Step 4: Run clean.

Step 5: Run create partition primary once the drive is clean

Step 6: Enter active to make the partition active

Step 7: Run format fs=NTFS quick command to format the USB drive

Step 8: Run assign command to give a drive letter to the USB drive

Step 9: Extract the Windows 8 ISO

Step 10: Copy contents of the file from extracted ISO file to USB flash drive

Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool Method

Step 1: Download and install Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool from here.
Step 2: Run the tool and type the name and path of your Windows 8 iso file in the SOURCE FILE box, or just BROWSE and SELECT the file from the OPEN dialog box. Click NEXT.


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