How to get Windows 8 Metro style UI in Windows 7 using Mosaic

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We have told you about Omnimo 4, a utility to get Windows 8 metro UI in Windows 7, now you also have Mosaic to give Windows 7 desktop the same look as Windows 8 Style tiles.
The application is really a set of live widgets and supports WPF and HTML widgets.
Mosaic is not very stable because it is still in its alpha stages, you can follow these tips when using the application:

Open Mosaic by moving the mouse cursor to the right border of the screen, then click. If your taskbar is on the right or left, or If you have more than one monitor, this won’t work.
Add widgets by opening Mosaic menu, then click on the Widgets icon and choose the one you need
Remove widget by clicking again on the widget icon in the Widgets menu
Mosaic options has a fullscreen mode, so Mosaic covers the whole screen
Click on the right border of screen to bring widgets to front of windows
Some widgets have additional options in the context menu
Disable widgets animation in Mosaic options
The “Me” widget shows your avatar from windows, and it can be changed by dragging any picture to it
Show images from Pictures library in Windows 7 by using Pictures widget

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